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Cook Food Like a Restaurant - Best Biryani Recipe | Food Like Home

Cook Food Like a Restaurant

December 30, 2018
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Everyone aims to be able to cook food that tastes and looks similar to the food we eat in restaurants. When cooking at home, we always have a vision for what we want our food to look and taste like. We strive to have strong and refined flavors presented in a very elegant manner. Personally, home cooked food is always lacking one thing or the other, be it the distinct flavors or the presentation.


Over the years, I’ve learnt a few things that help make home cook food taste like a meal at a restaurant. These include making sure well before time that I know the recipe I’m using. I find that knowing what I’m cooking and having it come to me naturally makes my cooking more instinctive. This way I’m able to use my gut for measurements, and more often than not, the dish is praised. I’ve also found that knowing small tips and tricks really adds to my dishes, last time I took few tips from Shan Chicken Biryani recipe. For instance, I’ve found that garnishing my dishes with fresh vegetables such as coriander or serving accompaniments like Shan mango pickle always works well. Moreover, I’ve come to learn that presentation matters more than we think. People are more likely to eat a dish they find visually appealing and so it’s important to put that extra little bit of effort into the presentation of our meals, be it with the plating or the garnishing. Also not to ignore aroma of the dish makes it more tasteful especially if making with authentic masala like shan.


Cooking home made food as well as restaurant food isn’t all that hard, if we put our hearts and minds to it. Come up with different tricks that help you cook well and more importantly, enjoy your cooking, because that’s what’ll make the food taste great!

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