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Going Vegan | Food Like Home

Going Vegan

December 20, 2018
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People become vegetarian for several reasons, these can be religious, environmental, geographical or fear. They want to avoid eating something that users hormones and steroids to grow, or do not want to excessively drain the environment. Sometimes its a fad too but its ones own choice and should be respected.

Are there any benefits of being a vegetarian? yes there are several:

a- You tend to avoid diseases like heart diseases, Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer

b- Your weight stays in check

c- You tend to live longer, this is not the only attribute, but it does contribute

d- Your bones are stronger

e- You can reduce the effects of menopause

But there are some risk too:

a- Lack of Protein

b- Iron and Zinc deficiency

c- Vitamin B12 and Omega 3 fatty Acid

These can be supplemented by taking supplements or managing your diet.

How about what to eat and how do vegan dishes taste? Below are some dishes you can make to please your taste buds? As a amateur cook, my personal favourites are as below:

1- Love chick peas and nothing beats Chana Masala, with gravy. I can have it for breakfast of any time of the day, with or without Roti! I use Shan Chana Masala for great tasting gravy. Please soak the Chana for couple of hours before adding the masala.

2- Palak Paneer is another classic to eat on a weekly basis and very healthy too. Here is the video with good instruction:



3- Daal and Chawal are not only healthy but also extremely tasty, choose the Daal you like and have it with white rice and good minced salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. For Daal use Shan Daal Masala and make a simple white rice to go with it.

4- Vegetable fried rice is also a great option. Have a look at the video:



5- Want Mix Vegetables? All time hit, use peas, carrot, potatoes or any particular vegetable you like to mix in. The taste of different vegetables blending in your mouth are extremely pleasing. You can choose Shan Vegetable Mix Recipe to ensure taste is great and nothing can go wrong here.

6- How about Gobi/Cauliflower Manchurian? Get adventurous, have a look:



7- Bhaji, I call this the ‘vegetarian haleem’ mixing the potatoes, tomatoes, peas and letting them shimmer, eating with butter and bun or as you please. Get the ingredients and use Shan PAV Bhaji, you will get amazing results.

So if you are planning to go Vegan, rest assured, there are several very exciting dishes on offer and lots of health benefits to go along with it. Take baby steps start by a hybrid model and if it works go all out. Good luck.

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