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Making Haleem in Canada With Shan Masala | Food Like Home

Making Haleem in Canada

January 2, 2019
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Meal planning is a very important aspect of everyone’s kitchens these days. Given the diverse variety of food that is available to us, it is important to cook meals that are different and not repetitive each week. Some people like to plan way ahead of time, and have monthly menus for what they will be cooking, while others like to plan the week or day of, when they will be cooking. Both ways work, depending on what suits you and your cooking style best.

Personally, I like planning my meals for the week a few days in advance, so that when I go grocery shopping, I know what specific products I should be buying. This usually means buying Shan Masalas that will be needed for the planned meals. Usually we buy Shan masala in bulk quantity at the beginning f the month however we end up doing a top up one or more masalas during the week too especially biryani masala.. Another thing I keep in mind when planning my meals is to make sure that I have a variety of dishes. For instance, I always have at least 2 meals with chicken, 2 meals with beef and 2 with vegetables, and I make sure that I alternate between each dish so that we aren’t eating the same source of nutrients twice in a row.

Lastly, one of the most important things I’ve come to realize in planning weekly meals is that you should set aside days for when you’ll making themed food (having pasta, taco’s, fish and chips, etc). Simultaneously its equally important to plan ahead for weekly consumption of dry ingredients.

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